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Murphy's Law Of Travelling 101 - Wichita

Post By:lreardon on 3/5/2007 7:30amicon

Man, what a busy weekend. It just goes to show, that even if you do have a GPS, without the correct address (or know which street [if you have 6 to choose from] you are on), you will get Lost! Fri night, we saw just about every part of Wichita there was, and we were in areas we probably should not have been in at night! After trying to find our team hotel for a bit, Rita & I decided that we needed to check un the U12 and U14 teams. Finding that hotel was EASY, the GPS worked GREAT. But alas, our good luck disappeared again... AND we even called our hotel for directions! After getting LOST AGAIN, we stopped for directions (and a Wichita map) at a Gas Station. What a suprise... we found the hotel... and if we only would of turned left instead of right one of the times, we would of found the hotel! So ends our Fri night excursion... then came finding the fields... once again, I got us LOST. But then we found the fields a little easier and made it to the game before all had a heart attack (especially since I had 2 players and the players info!). After that, I decided that Getting lost again, was NOT an option. So, I followed Doyle (Megan's Dad) back to the Hotel and everywhere else we needed to go for the rest of the Weekend. Getting home was easier on Sunday, since I knew MY address was correct!!!! So I learned something this weekend, even if you have a GPS, make sure you have a backup set of directions (that and phone numbers to call for help!).

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