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Kc Champions Cup

Post By:lreardon on 4/20/2009 10:48amicon

Omega is on a roll. On Saturday, the Omega Select U14 Girls dominated both games that they played, winning 6-0 (game 1) and 7-0 (game 2). All the players (and myself) looked like drowned rats when game 1 was done, but Omega came up on top with a Huge Shutout. For game 2, we had sunshine and our girls finished this game even stronger and were really looking forward to game 3 on Sunday. But our hopes were dashed when the tournament was called off due to unplayable fields. No news yet on the final outcome of the tournament. My feeling was that had we been allowed to play, Omega would of won any other game they played that weekend. Congrats girls to a job well done.

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