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Hs Girls Win Big, One-Player Down

Post By:mikemansur on 10/23/2010 2:39pm

The first weekend of the new winter 1 indoor season was notable for the HIgh School girls teams.
With u16 playing outdoor, the HS girls only had six players for back-to-back games Saturday.
In the first game, playing with five on the pitch, KC United took a 3-1 halftime lead. The Omega girls had possessed the ball well, even scored, but the 18 KC United players were too much.
The game ended 1-11.
For the second game, the manager suggested the girls forfeit the game and scrimmage the other team with the help of some of their players.
But Omega girls refused. "What would be the point?" Leigha said. "We might as well play."
The same five girls -- Sara Haug, Leigha Clark, Dani Intfen, Alexa G. and Claire Mansur _ then put on a soccer clinic. They possessed the ball in the midfield until easy openings appeared, then they attacked. All players played all positions, rotating as attackers got tired.
At half, Omega was up 3-0. The game ended 6-1.
Dani I. scored four goals; Claire and Sara each added 1.
Now that's tough!

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