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Stephen Dilks
Published Friday, October 24, 2008

The Omega Men's team stayed top of the league with a 9-4 victory on Wednesday night.  Against a team with some dangerous forwards and some strong defenders, we took an early lead and kept them from scoring until they had a free-kick that led to an unstoppable header.  

We cruised our way to 4-1 by half-time on goals from Manny (2), Leo (1), and Fabian (1).  

In the third we stretched the lead to 7-1 and continued to cut their attacks in mid-field. We did a good job of forcing them to the boards in the red-zone and cut the number of direct shots on goal to one or two for the period.  Perhaps we were feeling too confident in the fourth because a few silly defensive mistakes brought the score to 7-4 with five minutes remaining.  But we refreshed ourselves, went back to basics, and moved the game back to their half.  By the end of the night Manny had scored six, Fabian two, and Leo one.

A relatively comfortable game.  The next two are at 9:30 on Oct 27 and 5:30 on Nov 3. Both will be tough games.


With three subs on Wednesday night, playing a team that has beaten us on a number of occasions, the Omega Men stayed focused, did some fine passing, and won a relatively easy 6-3 victory. 

With a short bench because the game-time was changed last minute from 10:30 to 8:30, we managed to control the tempo of the game. The defence did an especially good job, preventing open shots and staying goal-side of the ball; the defence also worked to draw their attackers forward before clearing, giving our forwards more room up front. We won the game in mid-field, however, with Mike, Chuck and fabian doing an especially fine job. Carlitos and Manny teamed up to dazzle their defence and scored three; Francisco worked hard attacking from mid-field and scored two; Fabian also did an excellent job following the play as we transitioned to the attack...he scored a lovely zinger into the top corner.  

Next game is on Monday, October 6 at 7:30.


The Omega Men's team started the new season against a strong team and won 11-6. We dominated the game in the first period with some excellent passing and ball possession, moving the ball through mid-field with impressive coordination. 

We jumped out to a 6-2 lead in the second period but then went a bit soft as the second period went on, losing track of the very skilled players on the other team as they stormed through mid-field. They caught us in a series of three-on-one's and beat us with some sweet passes that led to three unanswered goals. 

In the third period we tightened up again. Once we stretched the lead to 7-5 we were unstoppable, scoring three unanswered goals and stopping them even when they had a free-kick in our box (your truly cleared the ball while lying on my back!).  Mike's goalkeeping was sublime against three players with powerful shots. If my score-card is accurate, Todd scored a hat-trick, Francisco scored twice, Carlitos got one, and Manny scored five.

Next game is on WEDNESDAY, October 1 at 10:30.

Having earned a place in the playoff's against one of the league's strongest teams with a comeback victory last week, the Omega Adult Men's team played a great game on Monday night.  

The score of 5-8 is less important than the fact we recovered from an early series of mistakes up and down the field. Missed chances on goal, slow work in mid-field, and defensive slip-up's let a much faster and younger team rack up a 1-5 lead by half-time. In periods three and four we played smarter soccer, cutting off passing channels in mid-field and taking away shots from the top of the box.  Our defenders did a better job of forcing them to the boards and our clearances were more accurate and more controlled, allowing our forwards to rush their goal, scoring four in the second half. 

New season starts on Monday, Sept 22.

On Monday night, the Omega Men's team came back to win 7-5 after tying the game two minutes in to the fourth period. With Manny and Carlitos playing forward and with strong mid-field support from Francisco, Leo, and Dan, we again fought hard to make up for some early mistakes in defence. Us old guys just seem to start slow in the defensive end!

We drew even at 5-5 with ten minutes to go, faced down a serious challenge on our goal and finally broke away to go ahead with two minutes left. Then, as the other team swarmed our goal, Manny got loose in their end and walked the ball in to score his fifth of the game as the clock ran out.  

Men's championship game on Monday, Sept 15 at 6:30.  

Co-ed game on Friday, Sept 12 at 6:30.  Men still needed!

This from Mike Mansur: The Omega Adults Men's team won 16-10 on September 1, with Manny and Gaspard scoring multiple goals. You know it's a good night when you ask your striker how many goals he scored, and Manny replies: "A lot."

Jumped out to a 7-1 lead then we slacked and they fought back to 7-4. Then
we fired up again. Dan scored two, one on a backside tap-in. Carlitos also
had two or three, at least. Mike R. was his usual solid self, when not
screened from a shot.

Good effort but we all felt like we could have done better afterward. We
played OK.

So there, we're setting the bar a little higher.


The Omega Adults played with determination and vigor against a skilled team on Monday night. But we lost 2-3. We had a full squad with more than two players for each position and were a little shoddy in our substitutions, but we improved with each period. After going down by two in the first period, we held them to one goal in the second.  We were 0-3 down at the half.

In the third period Manny got the help he needed to find space to score a goal. He also created a number of chances for our other forwards. By this stage the defence had figured out how to shut down their attacks, holding position between the ball and the goal. We were successful in forcing them to the boards, interrupting their passes, and pressuring them so any shots they took were well within Mike's zone of control.  

Early in the fourth Manny scored off his left foot, and as the period went on he again created a number of opportunities for us to tie the game.  But the clock ran out before we had another breakthrough. Special thanks to Carlos and Francisco for their help. And welcome aboard to Pete and Chris! 

Next game is at 7:30 on Sept 1.  I'm still building the Friday night co-ed team and am in particular need of male players (though could do with two or three more female players, too).  Please contact me at if you would like to play or know someone who might play.

Last update on 10/24/2008
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