2009 Spring Team Captains

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Being a captain is not a  right but an honor that comes with expectations and duties that must be respect.  Your peers and your coaches have taken notice of your work ethics, your leadership capacity and your high level of play either on or off the field.  Therefore you must live up to those expectations.  Just keep up the good work and find ways to better your team, your teammates and you.  Here is the equation:

U9 Girls
April Jackson, Sarah Swonger, Sophie Lamar
U12 Girls
Abby Jurgeson, Grace Lamar, Pauline Werner
U13 Girls
Aubrey Jeffries, Olivia Barling,, Ebony Reardon
U14/U15 Girls Black
Casey Lee, Megan Shoot, Ingrid Starkey
U14/U15 Girls Orange
Greta Barling, Danni Porter, Sydney Shugrue