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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Omega Adult Men's team lost 2-8 on Monday night against an energetic, physical team. They obviously came out to slow Manny down and took him down repeatedly. Our other forwards couldn't seem to find the target and had a hard time keeping the ball in the offensive end.  Our mid-field and defense held things close until half-time, 0-2.  

But things fell apart for us in the third as we pushed forward and then got caught on a series of three on one attacks.  Steve learned that he needs to be quicker cutting to his right against left-footed strikers; our mid-fielders learned the value of quick accurate passes; and our forwards learned how important it is to score when you get the chance.  We missed too many opportunities up front and allowed too many unchallenged runs through mid-field. Mike had a stellar game in goal, but their strikers scored at least five goals with well-placed shots into the top corner.  

Against this team we needed at least one more striker!

Next game is at 5:30 on Monday, Nov 3.

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