Black Team Description

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Black Teams: 4 to 8 in-town and out-of-town tournaments a year.
Coaches: Professional Coach assisted by a Coach in training.
Practices: Three weekly scheduled team practices & one extra practice for players who wish to 
do it.
Team Stats & Games Reports: Team stats are recorded after each game.
In the Black teams the notion of playing is replaced by the notion of performing: you will learn 
how to perform in the "total soccer" philosophy. 
Here it is not about Playing the right way but about Performing the right way. You go on the field
to excel, to make a difference and to impact the game positively. As long as you are not over the
required age limit, age is not a factor. What matters is the energy, the positive impact and
commitment you bring to the team in its quest to move up the rankings in the league. You could 
be a younger player who exceeds expectations in your age bracket and who needs a bigger 
challenge to develop your full potential. The older players on the team  learn how to perform the 
right way. Good passing instead of kicking. Keeping possession of the ball instead of getting rid 
of it. It is all about using your skills and your knowledge to perform and win games. Leadership 
usually comes from each player because of close proximity of skill level and knowledge of the 
game. The focus in practices is more on an advanced training that fits the team and each 
individual on the team. We improve on your weakness, enhance your strengths, and show you 
how to excel at your position on the field. You will become a total soccer player.
Typical players on the Black Teams:
1-       Players who can perform positively and domineer on the field.
2-       Players who know how to perform against older players.
3-       Players who have the talent and the commitment to three or more practices a week.
4-       Players who are totally healthy and fit.
5-       Players who can perform at several positions during games. 
6-       Players (the younger ones) with big ambitions who wish to play college, high school &
 select teams.
7-       Players who want to do tournaments & showcases in or out of town.
8-       Players who wish to play more than (8) extra games.
9-       Very dominant younger players who exceed their age group level.