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At Omega Athletic Club, we believe organized sports should be available to every child and no one should be left behind because of costs.  Unfortunately we are living in a world of inequality, therefore we are willing to make a step toward some leverage.  We only hope to do a little more each year.  The more help we get, the more players we can help!

Four ways you can participate: 

Donations can be services, materials, etc.  You could also purchase items in the Omega Store.  That way, you get something you can use while helping the club.  Part of the store profit goes to the goodwill of the club.

  1. Sponsor a Like Gift:  Assists Omega Athletic Club in its effort to provide athletic opportunities to disfavored members in need of scholarship in order to participate in athletic events.  Omega gives the opportunity to several players who would not be able to play premier soccer without financial aid (can include Uniforms and/or League fees to play).  Your sponsorship would go a long way in our program.
  2. Honorary Gift:  Provides the opportunity to recognize the outstanding work of your favorite coach, volunteer, official, fireman, family member, pastor or special person while supporting the programs of Omega Athletic Club.
  3. Targeted Donation: Goes to a specific family or a specific athlete of your choosing.  It could be because you know the need of the family or the athlete personally.
  4. Anonymous Donation:  You want to support what the Club is doing and help in its goodwill.

If you are interested in donating to Omega Soccer Club, please make checks payable to Omega Soccer Club (and what type of donation you want to make) and mail to:

Omega Soccer Club
9807 Woodland Lane
Kansas City, MO 64131

If you have any questions, please email Gaspard at or