Valiant Victory

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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Omega Men played the division leaders on Monday night and won the game 5-4 in sudden-death overtime.  With one sub for each player, we kept our discipline even when we went 1-4 down in the third period.  After scoring first on a lovely positional goal by Matt, we held our lead until just before the end of period two, when we gave up a penalty shot.  In period three we went soft in mid-field and let the other team through with a series of three-on-one's that lead to three quick goals.  

But in the fourth we proved ourselves, keeping our heads up and containing their attackers while releasing our forwards.  With persistence we finally broke through, setting Manny forward against one or two defenders on three occasions to bring the score to 4-4 by the end of regulation.  Even though we went a player down in overtime, we fought to mount a goal-scoring attack with 40 seconds remaining!  Victory was hard-won, but sweet!.  We proved you can be 1-4 down going into the final 12 minutes and come back to win the game! 


On Friday night, October 4, the Co-ed Adults played very well in both games.  After a shaky start in the first game, letting the other team score two relatively easy goals in the first five minutes, we took over the game and were level going into the fourth period. Manny saved a penalty, giving us a chance to win. Some good passing between our forwards and some smart outlet passes from defense, especially by Michelle L. and Becca, allowed us to dominate the game until we again allowed an easy goal in the fourth.  After that we threw ourselves forward and were caught out in the last seconds of the game, finishing 2-4 down.

With some extra subs in the second game, and with Brad, then Kyle, in goal we controlled the second game from the beginning.  Becca, Kaitlyn, and Kelley kept the other team under pressure throughout; Kathy, Michelle A. and Efti made some excellent defensive plays and did a great job of making the ball "live" in the offensive zone.  The 5-3 score doesn't suggest how comfortable we were as we clicked into a very efficient system of subbing.

Next co-ed game is at 7:30 on Friday, Oct 10.  This is our last game of this first season. We are planning to play next season and need additional players, especially women: it will cost 80 dollars for an 8-game season...this price includes a shirt (Omega Purple!).


The Omega Men played a hard fought, highly entertaining game on Monday night.  After going down 0-1, we came back to 1-1, then it was 1-2, then 2-2.  During the third period we were in charge, doing some excellent passing through mid-field. Mike R made some excellent saves to keep us in the game. But, with eight subs on the bench, we were a bit disorganized.  We took a 3-2 lead in the third on a goal from Matt, but allowed them to come back to 3-3; we then went ahead 4-3 early in the fourth on a goal from Manny, but failed to execute on a number of chances to go further ahead. With five minutes to go we allowed a goal (an excellent, unstoppable shot into the top left corner) and then seemed to go soft, allowing a re-bound from the boards to skip in front of the goal for an easy tap-in. A 4-5 loss, but a very enjoyable game of soccer!

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