Actively Recruiting co-ed team for Fall season

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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am putting together a co-ed team to play at the Soccerdome in the Fall.  The season starts on August 29 (so far as I can tell). It is a Friday night league.  Co-Ed rules are, as you'd imagine, unique to the co-ed game....

Ideally we'd have six females and six males, plus a goalkeeper (either sex), so each player has a sub and we always have three of each sex in the outfield. 

If you want to play, great, contact me directly at or 816-377-4522.  If you can help recruit players I'd appreciate your help; forward names to me and I'll make contact.

The Omega Men's team will continue to play at the Soccerdome on Monday/Wednesday.


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