Orange Team Description

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Orange Teams: 1 or 2 in-town tournaments during the year.
Coaches: Professional Coach & an Assistant Coach (in training). 
Practices: Two weekly scheduled team practices & one extra practice for players who wish to do it. 
In the Orange team you will learn how to play the game the right way without a primary pressure on 
winning. The main objective here is to play the game by using your individual skills in a team 
concept. The younger players on the team learn how to deal with bigger and stronger players. 
The older players learn how to play the right way. Good passing instead of kicking. Keeping 
possession of the ball instead of getting rid of it. It is all about developing your skills and your 
knowledge. You may be asked to be a leader on that team because you are more advanced and 
have the tools to take charge.
In Practices: The focus is more on the basics and individual skills. We correct bad habits such as
poor running style and balance, improving bad field positioning, ball-control and passing. We will 
teach you how to play different positions on the field and how to mesh with your team-mates.
Typical players on the Orange teams:
1-       Players learning how to be dominant on the field
2-       Players learning how to play against older players
3-       Players who have the talent but not yet the commitment to two or more practices a week.
4-       Players coming from a bad injury & in need of game fitness.
5-       Players learning how to play a new position before playing on the higher seeded team in 
a specific position.
6-       Players (the younger ones) learning the ins and outs of premier soccer
7-       Players not yet ready for tournaments.
8-       Players wishing to play extra (8) games.
9-       Very dominant younger players.
10- Players rehabbing an injury.

FYI: History demonstrates that, even though the primary focus is not on winning, Orange teams 
have kept a great league record in the past by finishing either first or second in their division. In 
fact, most of our top players came from the Orange teams.