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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First game of the new season on Monday night. Our team is made up of five old-timers -- Dan Mahala, Mike Reilly, Mike Mansur, Chuck Loose, and Steve Dilks -- three trusted helpers -- Carlitos, Francisco and Fabian -- three more recent additions to the team -- Pete Malle, Chris Keneally, and Kyle Robison -- and a first-time player Mike Coons.  

We began slowly against a team with some young players who are very fast (but not necessarily quick!).  By the end of the first period we were losing 0-3.  But then we began to click, doing a better job of reading their moves through mid-field, going to the ball as they began to gain control, adjusting to cut off their passes as they moved forward, covering open players in our defensive end.  In the second period we scored once, then, again, then a third time to tie the game at 3-3. Much credit goes to Kyle for his explosiveness in mid-field, with quick bursts of speed to take the ball and then to beat their defenders; and credit also goes to Pete and Carlitos, who did a great job in possession and with sharp passing. Chuck was relentless in the attacking mid-field position, and Mike M and Dan M were solid in defense.  Mike C and Chris K did their job, going to the player with the ball in mid-field to interrupt.

By the end of period three we were again tied, now at 4-4 after they scored a flukey goal off a long free-kick. After we had gone ahead on a nice goal by Fabian, they took a pot-shot at goal and a player standing directly in front of Mike R clipped the ball with his knee and it bounced up and over Mike's head.  But, with our defense playing solid containment soccer, refusing their forwards the chance to take open shots, we came back at them, clearing the ball to mid-field with some nice rolling passes, to Carlitos who put the ball onto Kyle's foot in a clear route to goal.  Kyle took some cool strides forward, lost a panicked defender, and slipped the ball under the keeper for the winning goal.  5-4 with less than two minutes to go.  We held on for a well-earned win.

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