Controversial loss

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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Omega Men's team lost 4-5 in the first game of the season.  Having played well to recover from  being 1-3 down to go 4-3 up at the beginning of the fourth period, we let the other team score a bizarre goal where the ball rattled around in our box with no-one clearing and no-one shooting until it seemed to just pop up onto an attacker's head and in.  
The game looked set for overtime when the ref charged us with a bad substitution, giving us two minutes with one player off when Steve D was too slow getting off the pitch.  The controversy came with a non-call on a clear trip from behind as Matt raced towards their goal on a breakaway. Apart from being a tackle from behind, it was very close to being a slide tackle (not allowed in indoor). With Matt down and "play on" called, the other team had a five on three and surged forward to score the winner.

It was a fun game against a team we have beaten numerous times.  Good to have Mike R in goal and good to have so many committed players on the team. Welcome to Kyle.


Nov 24: 7:30
Dec 1: 6:30
Dec 2 (Tuesday): 10:30
Dec 8: 6:30
Dec 22: 7:30
Dec 29: 8:30

Plus a game on Jan 12 or Jan 14, depending on our standing.


The Omega Men's adult team finished second in the league after a 6-7 loss against the top team on Monday night. It was a great game.  

The lead changed four or five times and the flow of the game went backwards and forwards: at times we were under serious pressure for three or four minutes at a stretch; at other times our lone defender pushed well beyond half-way, helping to keep the ball in the attacking zone for long periods.  

Miguel did a valiant job in goal, but it would have been good to have him in the field.  As it was, we didn't sub regularly enough; our forwards and mid-fielders got stuck in overly-long shifts. But we out-shot the other team by a factor of three. In the last five minutes we surged forward, missing at least three chances to tie as the clock ticked down to zero.

New season starts next week: I'll post a schedule once I have it.

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