Why Mid-field Matters!

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Published Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Omega SC men's team jumped out to a 4-0 lead early in the game on Wednesday night but couldn't hold on.  Tied 6-6 at the end of regulation., we went down 6-7 in overtime.  

Basically we lost concentration (and lost our main goalkeeper to his work schedule!) as we went into period four...but we had already let the other team back in the game in period two, letting our mid-field go soft, allowing them to set up attacks down the middle of the field.  We learned, once more, the importance of precise passing and possession soccer in mid-field. And we learned why Gaspard's "boxing stance" approach works: by not doing this enough, shutting them down by going after the ball with weight on the front leg and arms in attacking stance, we left too much room for the opposition to develop a passing game in mid-field. 

Kyle played an excellent all-around game, but he couldn't do it on his own...we need to focus on good passes, ball protection, and smart soccer.

The Co-ed game on Friday was different entirely, though we still learned about the importance of mid-field.  Playing with only three men, with one in goal and only two on the field, we benefitted immensely from the energetic play of our Women, with four on the field at all times (instead of the regular three men; three women).  Steve played his first ever half of soccer as a goalkeeper after half-time and developed a new appreciation of how difficult the job is!  Even though I only let in one goal (which should have been an easy stop), it was the one that beat us. 

We had gone down 0-2 by half-time and didn't look set to score.  But with Kyle out of goal, teaming up with Carlitos, Erin, Lindsey, Kelley, and Britney in mid-field and forward, and helped by some solid play by Michelle and Kathy, we kept the ball for long stretches of the second half and brought ourselves level early in the fourth.  It was 2-2 until I called for a back-pass from my defender, saw the ball go to one of the other team's forwards, and then got frozen defending the near post on a shot that brushed my arm and went in.  A 2-3 loss.

I'll post the schedule for the Co-ed team when I have it.  In the meantime we are in serious need of at least two men to play with us every Friday!  If one were a goalkeeper, we'd be set!

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