Gaspard d'Alexis / Director of Coaching

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Gaspard w/Ronaldinho

Education: * Bachelor Degrees / 1- Bu. Management 2- Bu. Marketing 3- Sports Management - * Minor In Spanish at Plymouth State University (NH, USA) * Holder of a B Coaching License from the CSA

Playing Experience at the Professional Level: Played at the professional level for eight years

National and Olympic Teams Experience: Canadian National Teams -Played in the U-21 World Cup (Japan) 79

Playing Experience at University Level: Two times All American - 4 yrs team captain - Candidate for the Herman trophy given to the best soccer player in all USA universities - Made Senior Bowl indoor and outdoor All Stars - 4 times All New England in 3 diff. positions -Top ten scorer in School History

Playing Experience at Club Level: Two times player of the year in Quebec- Made the Select Team 10 yrs in a row - Made the Provincial Team from U-13 to Senior - League Leading Scorer from U-15, U-16, U-17 and Senior level

Coaching Experience at the Professional Level: Men/ * FC Marquette as Player Coach and General Manager (Finalist for Coach of the Year Award) * International Soccer Academy as GM and Head Coach (Development of numerous Professional Players and National Team Members Women/ * Laval Dynamites of the W-League, USA top women league prior to the WUSA, as GM and Head Coach (Organization of the year in Canada)

Coaching Experience at National Team Level: * Haiti National Team Men and Women as Scout/International Recruitment * Guest Coach at the Capacitacion Center Mexico women's National Team

Coaching Experience at University Level: * Concordia U. women as Associate Coach (Reach Final Four In first year) * St-Laurent College as Head Coach (Three League Titles)

Coaching Experience at the International Level: women * Omega Montreal vs Cetna Of Moscow * Omega vs Club Bruges of Belgium * Omega vs Monaco of France *Omega vs Intermunicipal of Mexico * Omega vs Zaragoza of Mexico *Omega vs satelite of Mexico *Omega vs Laguna of Mexisco - Laval Dynamites vs Haiti National Team *Laval vs Paraguay *Laval vs Martinique *Laval vs Vasco de Gama

Players & Coaches Development: * Numerous Full Scholarship Players: Men & Women to different Universities in US & Canada * Development of national team and professional players * several All American players. One of his players won some prestigious award: Div 2 men Player of the year in USA: Some names Rachel Yankie(England national team ) Pamela Bedzra (KC, Mystics) Josue Mayard ( KC Wizards) Tania Singfield (Canada national team) Fabiola Vargas(Mexico national team capt) Gilbert Jean Baptist(div2 players of the year award in USA) Sophie Lecot (America East player of the year and Top scorer), Annie Caron (Canadian National Team one of the best ever in Canada)

Other Sports: Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing, Team Handball, Football and Track. (Kicked the longest field goal 50 in the collegiate league of Quebec history once)