Club History

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Omega Soccer Club and Athletics, a division of Independent Soccer Club, was founded in 2002 in Kansas City. It began its inaugural season in futsal with one team. And, it won every league game. Its winning record continued into the spring outdoor season, finishing second in the league even if the players from the other teams were two years older.

Right from the start, Omega teams showed a willingness to play the right way. The team before me, the respect of the opponents and discipline.

Our playing characteristic is: precise passing, teamwork and tactics comparable only to the next level, top college teams or professional teams.

Mission Statement

The mission of Omega Athletic Club is to develop the highest level of student-athletes and team play comparable only to the next level, a top college team or a good professional team. We provide experienced coaches, advanced personal training, numerous practice opportunities and local, regional, national and international competition experience. It's our goal to provide a unique training experience that will help our athletes to maximize their potential on and off the field, which is key for the ones who dream of playing on a high school varsity team, college scholarship, regional ODP team, IDP team and national team. We make it FUN, CHALLENGING and WORTHY for all.