Gaspard goal in O/T wins game

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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Monday night the Men's Adult team won the game in the third minute of sudden-death overtime from a perfectly placed zinger of a free-kick by Gaspard D'Alexis.  

Some sloppy defence saw us 1-4 down at the end of the first period and 3-6 down at the half. But we tightened up in the second half, benefitting from some excellent mid-field play and some smarter defending. Mike R made some crucial saves down the stretch. Sam, playing his last game before he goes off to be the sole Kenyan journalist covering the Democratic and Republican conventions, scored a goal.  Manny scored four.  But it was Gaspard who scored three seconds before the end of regulation to tie the game. Then, after being knocked down near the right corner-spot three minutes into overtime, he placed the ball and hit a powerful left-footer into the top left corner. Jubilation ensued.

Next game is on Monday, August 25 at 9:30.

Please contact me about the co-ed team at  We plan to start playing at the Soccerdome on August 29. It'll be 64 dollars per player for an eight game season.

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