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Published Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Recently, i had asked Gaspard how practice schedules should work if a player was playing on both an Orange and a Black Team.  Below is his response and his plans for our future world class players...

Hi Laura,
If someone was playing division 3 last year and is on both, they need to come at four practices. In the black program  it's all about getting better.I need to create Opportunities to catch the teams Div 1 & Div 2 and also the rest of the region that we will be facing during tournaments: (Bush, Delco, Surf, Chicago Magic, FC Dallas....etc) that are ahead of us in talent, experience and skills. I could do it the way these teams do it here in town. Just keep a few players and look for other players at tryout. Where no one is sure of a place on the team at the end of the season. Or, putting time an effort into the players I have now knowing that we will be able to catch up. I'm even going to give an opportunity to some players to come to a fifth parctice on Friday. To add more practices time to get BETTER NOT TO PICK. AND IT'S NOT FOR CONVENIENCE. Some players really want to get better at soccer and perform at a high level. THE ONLY WAY IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IT'S BY PUTTING TIME & EFFORT  IN IT. We have a player, Frances Silva, who was invited to the national camp. She put time and effort to get there. Now, we have players who requested to have the possibility to do the same.  In fact two other players will have the opportunity to go to a national camp only if the are ready and practice a lot. Mozart did not become a virtuose by going fishing or playing soccer all the time.  He did it by practicing his art.I
When we are going to tournaments we are going to meet great competition we need to be ready. Then later it is High School tryouts then it is college showcase if we are looking the big picture and we must. I must also look at the NATIONAL TEAM POSSIBILITIES.

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