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Published Thursday, March 22, 2007


It is great to see that so many individuals (both parents / players / managers) are registering with our site.

However, I am noticing a bunch of usernames with no email addresses and corresponding names. 

Please remember that if you do not provide an email address and forget your password, we have no way to get the OLD password back.  I can reset your password if you email me your problem (and you won't be the first one, since this has already happened!).  I can also update your login information if you send me the info you want added.

If you need a new password or need to update your login information, i will need the following...

Username, new password, and any info you want added to your username.

You can send these requests to  If i see a bunch of these requests coming in, i will create a form for easy submissions!

Thanks for your time


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