Position of Parents for games at Heritage Park

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Published Friday, March 30, 2007

This just in... taken from Premiership Newsletter #87



We are changing some information that was originally sent out regarding position of players and supporters at Heritage Park.  In our infinite wisdom we are trying to use common sense and actually utilize the player benches that are located at opposite ends of the fields.

Home teams and their supporters will now sit on opposite ends from the visiting team and their supporters, thus allowing both teams to utilize the benches in all fields other than fields 1, 2, 3, 6.  The home team will take the North and East sides while the visitor will take the South and west sides.

In fields 1, 2, 3 and 6 parents of both teams will be on the opposite ends of the kids, i.e. both teams on one side and parents on the opposite end.  We are doing this because of the lack of space between the fields.  In these fields the players and coaches must be in the space in-between the fields while the parents will be located on the outside.


Polo fields will be a different scenario.  Fields are located way closer together at the polo fields.  With this in mind we are again stating that teams and supporters will be located on different sides.  Please be careful for low flying balls (especially if one of Andy Barney's Legends teams are playing because they never hit the target).  Just kidding, but we do realize that the location of the fields at Polo are far from ideal but they are the best that we can do at this stage.

Last update on 3/30/2007
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