Parent / Child Game 1 Results

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Published Friday, May 11, 2007

Despite all the rain dances from the parents and the muddy field, the game between the Omega parents and children was played last Wednesday. It was a well balance game. Although, if a true balance was used, with the parents on one side and children on the other, the game would be well shifted to the parents side without any contest. Fortunately, the game was played on the field.  And what a game it was.
In the early part of the game,the parents showed a lack of organization. Because, for most of them, it was their first game in about 101 years. Nevertheless, they did show a lot of courage and determination.  After taking a easy 2-0 lead, the U11G fell behind 3-2 from a furious charge and a died hard character display by the parents. The go ahead goal from the parents was worth the price of admission (free) and could be one of the best goal of the year Even ESPN should consider it for a top ten play: Chris Shoot, from a cross from Jeff Collins (or was it Nick Gorzovalitis?), acrobatically out jump Ainsley Wilbur to score of a beautiful header. She was so happy that she almost did the Brandi Chastin World Cup Celebration. Oh Boy!!
The U11G settled down and let their superior physical condition and  skills took over the game. They rallied to score two more goals and won the first Omega parents/children game by a score of 4-3.
Photos of this first momentus event are located in our photo gallery!  Come and see!
Player of the game
Location: Franklin Park
Teams: Omega Parents v Omega U11 Girls
Date: Wednesday - May 9th at 5:30
Attendance:  12 and 1 dog & a couple of balls!
Offensive Player: Chris Shoot & Ainsley Wilbur
Defensive Player: Jeff Collins & Abby Jurgeson
x-Factor: The MUD and Size
Yellow cards given
Chris Shoot for roughing
Ainsley Wilbur for roughing Chris Shoot...

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