MAG Tournament Results

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Published Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Mag tournament have been very successful for both U14G and U18G Omega.  The U18G posted a record of 1-1-1 They played and amazing first game but came very short against a very good Viati team in their second of the day Sunday.  They surely redeemed themself in the third game against Pumas on Sunday.  They led 1-0 untill Pumas cut them unguard in the last two minutes and scored the heartbreaking equalizer.
As far as The U14G Omega' s weekend: It was great.  They were the dominant team in most their games.  During the last game of pool play against Mystic, they played a  fantastic game and scored some really great goals on team effort.  The final game could of gone either way.  both teams missed many scoring chances.  The heat although terrible did not affect the courage and the effort put by the two teams.   At the end it took two 10 minutes overtime for the Toros to score the winning goal.  Final Toros Spirit 2 vs U14G Omega 1.   Even if the score was 2-1 at the end both teams were winners.
Saturday 9/1  7:30AM     U18 Omega  4  vs.  C2KC Strikers Athletics 0     Field  HSP 10
                    11:00AM    U14 Omega  2  vs.  WDM White Lighting  2        Field  HSP 13
Sunday   9/2  12:45        U18  Omega 0  vs.   Viati KC United  5               Field   HSP 13
                     4:15         U14 Omega  0  vs.   Legends World Cup Blk  0   Field  HSP  7
                     6:00         U18  Omega  1  vs.  KCFC Pumas  1                 Field  HSP  7
Monday         7:30AM     U14 Omega  4   vs.  Mystics  1                         Field  HSP 5    
                    12:45         U14 Omega 1    vs. Toro Spirit 2        OT           Field HSP 10
U14G Omega Silver
Off: Casey Lee, Paige Miller
Def: Derriana Swopes, Ingrid Starkey
XF:Elizabeth Ulrich, Liz Wiens and Megan Shoot
Off: Shanna Couch/Jessicca Smith
Def: Amanda Cornelsen/ Jessicca Mussatto
XF: Kelly Younger/Emily Bedrique

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