Just For Girls Tournament Results (U14 / HS)

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Published Tuesday, October 02, 2007

U14G Results  2ND Place Winner
Lost in OT in the final
Offensive player of the tournament: Casey Lee & Megan Shoot
Defensive player of the tournament: Elizabeth Ulrich & Derriana Swopes
XFactor of the tournament: Christina Chavez, Erin reilly & Dani Intfen
The U14G came close yet again to win the entire tournament.  It took a sudden death goal in the last two minutes of the 10 minutes added extra time to deny the first place to our U14G.  They took the lead twice in the game but could stop the comeback from the Columbia Courage team who played a very physical but fair game.  They were big and strong therefore strong on the ball.  Our youngsters (U12G) Ebony Reardon, (U13G) Erin Reilly, (U13G) Megan Shoot and (U13G) Casey Lee did not back off.  In fact, it was their best game.  During the entire tournament, the girls were very focus and one could see the desire to succeed in their preparation before games and after games.  The teams, Elizabeth Ulrich and Maddie Colins did a great job keeping their team-mates concentrated.  The parents were very supportive and had a positive influence toward the attitude of the players.  Over all, every players on the roster contributed to the success of the team.
U14G JFG Roster
Erin Reilly (U13)
Ebony Reardon (U12)
Megan Shoot (U13)
Casey Lee (U13)
Elizabeth Ulrich
Christina Chavez
Maddie Collins
Derriana Swopes
Liz Wiens
Kerri Wilson
Dani Intfen
Alexa Gorzovalitis
Claire Mansur
U18G Results 3-1-0 Finalist
Lost in the final on PK'S
Offensive player of the tournament: Jordi Ferrell & Lauren Engelken
Defensive player of the tournament: Shanna Couch & Amanda Cornelsen
XFactor of the tournament: Kelly Younger, Rachel Burton and Shanna Couch
This is probably one of the best tournament the U18 girls played in a while.  They played one of their best game ever in their third game of pool play against DM Menace.  They displayed great composure around the ball.  The passing between the lines and the players were simply fantastic.  All the goals came from at least four or more touches between players before the ball went to the net.  We had sequences of more than ten straight passess before the DM Menace team touched the ball.  The final was heart breaker because 10 min OT could not make a winning team.  It had to go to five PK's and Omega lost 4-3
U18G Roster
Emily Bedrique U16
Jessica Mussatto U16
Christina Szymkowski U16
Jordi Ferrell U18
Shanna Couch U18
Rachel Burton U15
Amanda Cornelsen U18
Kat Wiens U17
Kelly Younger U17
Mallory Sweat U17
Holly Barling U17
Lauren Engelken
Becca Burton U18
Megan Frampton U17

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