Dressing for the Cold

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Published Friday, October 19, 2007

The weather is a-changing and the nice warm / breezy fall weather will be a thing to be remembered.  We need to now concentrate on keeping our kids warm and healthy for the last few games held outdoors.

Some tips for dressing for the Cold Weather.  (Layers, Layers, Layers!)

  • First rule... to avoid cotton at all costs, including undershirts and socks.  When cotton gets wet, whether from sweat or rain, or snow, it STAYS WET, ensuring that you will become cold and stay cold during the game.  The best bet is a "wicking" fabric like Under Armour (or others) that will carry moisture away from the skin, through the garment, and out into the air.
  • Secondly, we all know that kids get cold faster than adults do, so players will need to dress warmer than parents or coaches would if they were working out in cold weather.  Goalkeepers, especially, will need extra layers, as they run less than the other field players.  A good idea is to purchase a high quality "wicking" turtleneck to wear under the jersey, and, possibly "wicking" long underwear or pants underneath the uniform shorts.  Layers can be the key to keeping young players warm.  Rather than buying one bulky item to wear under the jersey, buy two or three thin "wicking" layers.  Wearing layers creates a barrier of air between shirts, keeping heat in, close to the body.
  • Finally, other items you may want to consider for cold weather play are a thin pair of gloves, a thin hat, sock liners (basically, thin socks made of a "wicking" material to be worn under the thick soccer sock), Long underwear tops and bottoms, fleece pants, and water-resistant shirts and pants. 
  • It is also a good idea to keep a change of clothes in the car for the player to change into after a game (especially a game that has rain / snow as part of the mix).

One thing to remember... When playing, the temperature will feel 10-15 degrees warmer.  Be prepared to shed a layer or two.

Other cold weather advice... Hydration is still Important!

Many players tend to forget how important hydration and nutrition are when the weather turns colder.  The cold air can suppress feelings of thirst, leading players to not drink as much as they should during outdoor exercise in cold weather.  However, the importance of correct food and drink for cold weather athletes can not be emphasized enough.  First, because thirst is suppressed in cold weather, players might not realize that they are becoming dehydrated until it is too late.  Secondly, wearing additional layers and heavier clothing can cause athletes to sweat more and loose more body fluid during exercise.

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