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Published Monday, June 02, 2008

The 2007-2008 soccer season is officially coming to a close. The month of June has several items on the schedule.

Quickness camp is this week - free to all who wish to attend.

Try-outs - check the website for times and bring your friends. We are always looking to build the teams.

French-Tech Soccer Camps are scheduled for the weeks of June 9, June 16 and June 23. All Omega players are expected to attend at least 1 camp session. As you choose your preferred camp there are some things you need to consider. If you are attending the Indy tournament in late June the camp held June 23 - 27 will be a great prep.

During this week a goalie instructor will be participating with the camp. If you are a goalie, or want to be a goalie, this week is for you.

Attend 1 week of French-Tech Camp AND Showcase Camp for the minor cost of $150!!!

Please see the website if you need French-Tech Camp or Showcase Camp information/brochures.

Track Suit orders will be accepted until early July. Considering the temps we will wait until after try-outs to place track suit orders. If you wish to order a track suit, please see Cindy Wiens at practice/tryouts for size information (samples to try on). Payment ($80 payable to "Omega Soccer Club") must be made before your order is processed.

If you have any questions regarding camp, tryouts, etc. please ask any manager. If you have questions regarding finances, please contact me. Thanks.

Cindy Wiens

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