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Published Wednesday, July 16, 2008



The Fall teams and practice times have now been posted on the website.  As soon as the league releases the team schedules, the master schedule as well as the team pages schedules will be posted and updated on the website.


This fall season, Omega has 9 teams playing out at Heritage.  We will have the following teams… U11 Girls Orange, U12 Girls Orange, U13 Girls Select, U13 Girls Black, U14 Girls Black, U15 Girls Black, High School Girls Orange, High School Girls Black and U12 Boys Orange.  Note:  We still have several spots open on some of the teams.  We are especially looking to add to our U11 Girls and U12 Boys teams.  If you know of any player that is interested, please have them contact Gaspard.   


Please go to the website and click on the Outdoor Teams button on the left hand side. 


Please make note of your team manager.  They will be your main contact concerning information for that team (league schedules, tournaments, etc.).  If you have any questions concerning your placement(s) on a given team, please contact Gaspard via email at  Gaspard is the only one who makes decisions regarding who is playing where.


For our New Players that have joined the Omega Family… WELCOME.  A player number has already been assigned to you.  If you have not yet tried on a uniform yet (either at tryouts, summer camp or other time) , please contact Laura Reardon ( ) or Cindy Wiens ( ) as soon as possible to try one on.  If you are unsure if we do not have your size down, please contact Laura.


If you are a new player and have not yet turned in a copy of your birth certificate, the US Club Medical Form and 2 pictures, please get those to Laura Reardon as soon as possible.  These items are needed to get your players card made.  No Players Card = not able to play when the season starts.  If you are unsure if you owe items to get your players card, please contact Laura.


If you are a returning player and have not yet turned in the medical form, we need an updated US Club Medical Form.  These can also be given to Laura Reardon.


If you are a new or returning player and have not yet paid your fall fees (or Uniform Kit Fee), please get it to Cindy Wiens as soon as possible.  If you have a doubt if you are up to date, please feel free to contact Cindy at 


If you have any questions concerning paperwork, please contact Laura Reardon.  All finance questions please send to Cindy Wiens.  All Technical questions concerning where a player is placed on a team goes to Gaspard d'Alexis.  Any other team related question, please ask your team Manager.


Please see practice schedule listed below…


Practices will begin on Monday 7/28.  For all Players playing in the Omaha Tournament (You will be contacted by Cindy Wiens if you are going to Omaha), you are requested to be at Practice M / T / W & Th of that week for Tournament preparation. 


Gaspard d'Alexis - Head Coach

Cindy Wiens - Finance

Laura Reardon - Registrar


Fall Practice Schedule

Where: Franklin Park

When: 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Mon - Wed: All Orange Teams (Boys, U11G, U12G & HSG-O)

Tue - Wed - Thurs: All Black & Select Teams (U13Sel, U13G, U14G, U15G, HSG-B)

Fri: Select Players:  (names can be found on Omega Select page under graduation year)


(1) If you are an Orange Player, you can only come to Black practices by invitation or special arrangement.  You might be on a Black team, but asked to go to a Mon Orange practice, instead of Tuesday. 

(2) If playing on a Black team, this is to be considered your primary practice team.  Players on a black team can always come to an orange practice for extra practice.  But the extra practice is not to be used as a substitute for another practice day.  The days and times are not for you to pick and choose from.  Players must look at the times and days that are assigned to their team.  If you have any questions, contact your team manager or Gaspard.

(3) If you are a U10 age player or below, please attend only Orange Practices

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