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Published Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi Gaspard,
We just wanted to tell you that Shauna has been chosen to play for the Jr. Girls Team Canada going to the Maccabi Games in Israel next July.
We owe a lot of thanks to you, as she came back from your camp with a new determination.  She had a lot of fun in Kansas and enjoyed your camp tremendously.  She was a little down after coming back and not being recognised here in Quebec, but has put all of that a side and is concentrating on her schooling and her soccer abilities.  Since she came back from your camp not only us as parents have seen a big difference in her play but other parents on our team have commented on her play too.  She goes out with such determination each game even if she is not starting she is going out and playing hard. 
When she started school this year and they asked her where she plays, she put down her club team and your team.  One of the coaches was quite intrigued that she was part of a US team.  She also, put your name down as a reference for the Maccabi tryouts.  We are going to be very busy this year as we have to travel to Toronto quite a bit for training sessions. The coach Alicia Crelinsten is affiliated with the Team Canada U17 team that Rachel is playing for, she is the Athletic Therapist.  Shauna is extremely excited as we head off to Toronto at the end of this month for her 1st training and a couple of games too.  We will keep you updated on her progress.
Thank you for believing in her and giving her confidence as a player.

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