Influenza A

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Published Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hi Omega Family
Liz Ulrich will be out all week from school and sports according to her doctor's visit yesterday.  This symtoms have been very painful this time around and hit her hard.  She has the Influenza A and the doctor gave her a handout and reminded her to not share food or drinks during the flu season.  I kept reminding Liz not to be sharing drinks and to bring plenty of extra water to practice and to games.  I know that the cold and flu season has hit very early this year but the doctor said the worst is yet to come.  Since the only strain in Kansas City right now is H1N1 all the doctors offices and schools are calling it the H1N1 too.
So again since we are speaking from experience try and wash your hands often, use Purel and DO NOT share drinks!!!!  Liz says hello and good luck with all the games this weekend.  Unfortunately she will have to miss her Homecoming too!! Bummer
Talk to you all soon,
Sonya Ulrich

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