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Published Wednesday, December 09, 2009


it is that time of year again of winter weather.

if you are unsure about a weather cancellation for practice or games, please check the website first. 

Indoor Game Cancellations: If you need to find out about a game cancellation down at the Soccer Dome, first check the website.  Next, if it is not posted there, call 816-231-4811.  That number is the Soccer Dome games hotline.  if there is nothing on that recorded message, then the games will happen.  if you cannot make a game due to weather conditions, please call your team manager and let them know.

Practice Cancellations:  we will try and get practice cancellations out in a timely manner.  Please do not call.  Once a cancellation is decided on, it will be posted on the website.  (and in cases where it is last minuet, we will try and send out the cancellation in a text message to all cell numbers that we have).  Once again, check the omega website.  if you are unsure about road conditions, then use your own judgement.

Last update on 12/9/2009
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