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Published Monday, September 13, 2010

The following message is from the Overland Park Soccer Complex:

This weekend several people took it upon themselves to create their own parking spaces, along the islands in Lot A & B, creating a potentially dangerous traffic situation.


We would appreciate it if you could send an email to all teams, ideally all individuals, informing them that parking is only allowed in designate parking stalls.  There is more than enough parking in the designated lots: A, B, C, D (next to basketball & tennis courts), and Deanna Rose lot on the South end of field #2.   Moving forward we will be ticketing and/or towing vehicles left in no parking areas.


Additionally, parking on the grass medians along the main drive is not allowed...these areas have been staked off to address this urge in the future.


Finally, please remind both parents and Field Marshalls that we are asking everyone to watch games (11v11 only) from the concrete areas in line with the bleachers.  This is for their safety as well as the players and referees working the sideline. 


Last update on 9/13/2010
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