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Omega Select pledges: to conduct itself in all affairs with honesty and integrity. All members are expected to treat each other with a level of utmost respect. “Treat others the way you wish to be treated

About Us

Omega Select is committed to providing maximum exposure of Student-Athletes, regardless their location, to college coaches and National Recruiters. We do so by inviting players to play with Omega Select teams in Top-Level College Showcase Tournaments in North America. We also organize International matches and International Showcase Camps where talented and dedicated players can showcase and learn how to better showcase their talent with and against their best National and International counterparts.

Our Select Program is, somewhat, an extension of what hometown teams offer to their Student-Athletes and most of today's online college placement services. Our Student-Athletes receive the most complete service for less. First, we offer in-depth scouting and high level coaching to our Student-Athletes on the soccer field. This allows them to flourish and reach their soccer objectives regardless of in what league or of the tournaments in which their hometown team is planning to play. Second, we help our Student-Athletes in the step-by-step process necessary to be eligible academically and athletically for college scholarships.


1.   Help Student-Athletes and Parents in tracking of the rules as it pertains to NCAA (DI, DII & DIII), NAIA, Junior Colleges and Boarding Schools.

2.   Identifying colleges that meet with Student-Athletes priorities of playing and academic results. For example, would a Student-Athlete rather go to a top DI school where playing time would be scarce as a freshman and possibly a sophomore or would the Student-Athlete want to make an immediate impact on a college team as an underclassman?

3.   Student-Athletes and Parents receive educated information on the recruiting process and a realistic analysis of the division to which the Student-Athletes can realistically expect to be recruited.

4.   Matching Student-Athletes with programs or coaches who could help them progress or play at the next level: for example at the National team level.

5.   Guidance on how to maximize Student-Athletes chance of athletic or academic scholarship money from schools.

6.   Sending video materials or in-depth scouting reports to collegiate, Regional and National coaches when necessary.

7.   Matching Student-Athletes with colleges abroad if applicable.                              

8.   Providing camps and clinics to drastically improve Student-Athletes ability to showcase positively their talents in front of recruiters.

9.   Posting and updating Student-Athletes online profile.

Quick Facts

a. (3) is the number of Omega Select Alums who finished with their college in the NCAA division I top 20 in 2010.

b. (2) is the number of Omega Select Alums who won conference title in the NCAA division I in 2010.

c. (12) is the most goals scored by an Omega Select Alum in the NCAA division I in 2010 season. She earned 1st team All Conf.

d. (5) is the number of games started by a freshman Omega Select GK Alum in the NCAA division I 2010 season. (7-1) was her record.

e. (98%) is the graduation rate of Omega Select Alums after four years in college.


1.   If I'm selected, when and where do we practice? You will continue practicing with your hometown team. However, you will receive a personal training program that requires a daily individual practice which complements your club practices. Also, we organize practices before tournaments and during camps and clinics.

2.   If my hometown club team is going to a tournament where the select team is going to participate as well, what do I do? You must play in the tournament with your hometown team.

3.   How many players does Omega Select carry during a tournament? Omega Select carries, in general, sixteen players per team including two goal keepers.

4.   How much playing time will I get? Omega Select is there to showcase players. Therefore, everybody plays, as long as you follow instructions from the coaches. The primary goal is to help Student-Athletes succeed.

5.   What are Select coaches looking for in a player? A) Showing great work ethic in practices and high work rate during games. B) Showing desire & willingness to improve skills and physical assets. C) Showing desire & motivation to succeed at the next level: high school, college, ODP, ID2 and National team. D) Passing the Omega Select next level skills test. E) Coachable: acceptance of constructive criticism and showing of day-to-day improvement.

6.   At what age should I join? 13 yrs old to high school seniors.

7.   Are there guarantees to securing scholarships? There are no guarantees because there are too many variables not in our control. However, our Student-Athletes success rate of securing scholarships is close to 95%. 

8.   Do you meet with/speak with parents on how, when, and whom to speak to at the college? Yes, either in person during tournaments or camps or over the phone.

9.   Do you have the necessary contacts to facilitate a “next-step” should the player want to play Division I? Or at the International level? Yes.

10.  What makes you qualified to place my child? We have been placing, successfully, Student-Athletes in colleges for the past 15 years. Our Director of Coaching Gaspard Dalexis is a college All American, a university Hall of Fame, a former professional player; he coached successfully at the international level and he holds three bachelor degrees.

11. Can you give us a list of colleges where your Student-Athletes have gone in the past? DI: Big East - Ivy leagues - ACC - Big 12 - Big 10 - America East - Atlantic Sun - Atlantic 10 - Big Sky - Colonial Athletic - Metro Atlantic - Mid Eastern - North East - Ohio Valley - Patriot - South Eastern - Southern - South Western A. - Sun Belt - Western A. - Conference USA - Mid A.

12.  Do you speak or meet with the coaches on Student-Athletes behalf? Or is it just guidance for them? We do both.

13.  What about special learning needs in regards to matching with a college, do you help in that area? Yes.

14.  When traveling to a tournament, what are the expenses? Because there are many factors that could influence cost, each tournament is different.


Call or email for info

Omega Select International: 9807 Woodland Ln, Kansas City MO, 64131

Gaspard Dalexis Director of Coaching Tel.: (913)-484-1595