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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Omega Men's team won convincingly on Monday night, but it was not all plain sailing. The final score was 12-5.  Gaspard did a series of short, sweet shifts, scoring more goals than I could count. Pete scored; Mike C. scored; Todd scored. And a number of our goals came from nice moves through mid-field, with good lateral passes and impressive individual play.  There were periods when we controlled the ball, playing excellent possession football, cruising the field with easy passes and style.

But there were also times when we gave the ball away too easily, dribbling and kicking rather than passing, losing possession in mid-field, panicking when easy sailing would have served us well. After a solid, organized start we also lost track of our subbing, getting out of synch, leaving wide open spaces in mid-field and defense, going off our game-plan.  Winning 7-2 going into the third period we let ourselves get lazy, and we lost the plot. In three minutes they were back to 7-5 and we looked ragged, disorganized, overly-casual, and eminently beatable. Our ship was adrift.

Gaspard saw the game slipping away and called us to task. I re-asserted myself as captain (to be honest I had stupidly allowed frustration to get me down, blaming myself for two goals, as a result I had gone a bit soft -- a lesson learned, "KEEP YOUR CHIN UP and your game-face on!). In any event, Gaspard fired me up again and I began to re-organize the team so we regained our balance and tempo. After a few minutes we were ship-shape again

Once the ship was righted, we went back into cruise control and the game soon turned into a spectator sport for our defenders. Again, we won 12-5, but more importantly we learned a lot about sticking with the game-plan, avoiding self-blame, and keeping possession and good movement on the field.  Thanks to Mike Mansur and Carlitos, we also learned the role of tight, controlled confident defending as the back-bone of an assertive mid-field and a mobile attack.

Next Men's game is at 8:30 on Feb 2.

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