Omega "Globetrotters" win 15-2

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Stephen Dilks
Published Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Omega Men's team played at 11:30 on Tuesday night. Kyle, Chris, Dan, and Steve were teamed up with a goalie and three guys who had played in the previous game.  This gave us one sub. 

We didn't realize until five minutes into the game that the players who had joined us were comedians on par with the Harlem Globetrotters in their skills and jokes.  At one point "Chaz" flipped the ball and caught it under his shirt, then ran into the goal-box, dropped it at his feet, stepped over, and flicked the ball over his head as a shot on goal. "Dave" spent the entire game trying to score with a scissor-kick; our goalie screamed "KEEPER" very loudly every time the ball came to him and spent much of his time hanging out near the corner-spot; "Rab" seemed determined to pass the ball with his knee at every opportunity.

The guys could play, too!  They did whatever they could to set Kyle, Chris and Dan in goal-scoring positions and had a knack for playing into space; this allowed us to practice our cut-moves and ball-control.  

Having watched Gaspard teaching "cuts" at practice on Monday, with his demonstration of how to plant the foot that is off the ball in the direction you will cut to, Steve felt more confident than ever, pushing into mid-field, taking on a player, then passing. Kyle was his usual "lightning" self, exploding to the ball and making excellent first touches to set himself up for a nice pass or a shot on goal (he scored six or seven); Chris, our latest recruit, has become more settled and dangerous with every game and made excellent moves forward from mid-field into the attacking zone...Chris and Kyle are becoming a duo to contend with!  Dan worked hard in defence, then made smart runs forward to help in the attack.  Final score 15-2.

Next Men's game is at 8:30 on Tuesday, March 31. We could do with some help on the Co-ed team on Friday, March 27 at 12:30!  Please tell me if you can play by e-mailing me at  Young talent is welcome and parents of Omega players are especially valued on the team!

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