Another Comeback!

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Stephen Dilks
Published Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Omega Adults played their third game of the season at the Soccerdome on Tuesday night.  We won 7-6 in overtime after coming back from 3-6 down going into the fourth period. Against a young team with two very good players, and with a goalkeeper in our net who had clearly been enjoying the benefits of the Soccerdome's bar, we allowed some very easy goals in periods two and three. Our passing game broke down and we allowed too many opportunities down the middle of the field in "D" at the top of the box.

Once we tightened our defence, protecting the "center" area in front of our goal, resisting the temptation to chase their forwards when they took the ball to the corner, but instead blocking their ability to put the ball across our box, we began to look a lot better.  We also began to push up to mid-field, pressuring the ball before they could make good passes, creating turnovers that led to scoring opportunities for our forwards.

As we went into the fourth it seemed we would lose the game.  But we had come back to win 8-6 last week, after being down 4-6 ten minutes before the final whistle; and the week before we had come back from 7-9 down to win win 10-9 with a goal in the last five seconds.  So we increased our energy level and I had the pleasure of scoring a left-footed goal from the weak side to start our comeback (made even better because I got to the ball before a young man who had been calling me "old man" and "grandpa"!).  Chris brought us to 5-6 with five minutes left; then Luis tied it at 6-6 with less than a minute on the clock.

Overtime looked difficult because we were a man down after our somewhat discombobulated goalie tangled with one of their forwards; but the teams were evened up when the young man who had been calling me "gramps" was sent off for retaliating.  This opened things up and Carlitios took advantage by dribbling the ball into the box, making the winning goal look easy.  

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