Omega Adults

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This page is devoted to Omega's adult team. Our founding principle is to enjoy soccer while increasing our understanding of the game our children are learning.

Currently we play in an indoor Men's league at the Soccerdome on Thursday nights. We have a solid core of reliable, good-natured players but we are actively seeking new players. Level of experience is less important than the commitment to have fun, get some exercise, appreciate the beautiful game, and (maybe!) improve from week to week.

It typically costs 64 -72 dollars for 8 games. Less if we have more than nine players. Anyone over 18 can play.  If you are not over 18, you must be over 5' 5" or over 125 lbs. 

Our next games are as folllows:

Sept. 10: 8:40 pm

Sept 24: 5:00 pm

Oct 1: 9:35 pm

Oct 8: 7:45 pm

Oct 13: 6:50 pm

Oct 15: 9:35 pm

Please contact me directly if you want to join us: or 816-678-3755.