Over 30's lose; plan for new season

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Stephen Dilks
Published Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing a better, younger team than we played last week, the Omega adult team managed to keep the score to 1-7. We lost, but we had a lot of opportunities up front (just couldn't get the ball to go in...except from Steve D's head!) and there were moments when our defensive play was very strong. As always, Mike R. kept us in the game, but our lack of finishing up front meant we were never going to win. Our forwards tried hard to find breakthroughs, but their defenders were very fast and energetic, double-teaming, Miguel, Manny and Francisco.  Our best chances came when we broke forward from defence, but their energy and youth allowed them to regain their defensive shape before we could take advantage.

Next game is a playoff: time to be announced.  We are planning to sign up for the next session at the Soccerdome and are continuing to seek players for a co-ed team to play at All-American.

We had a good go at competing in a game we started without subs on July 7.  We kept close in the first half and were helped out by 2 guys who had played in the previous game, but fatique took its toll and we lost the plot in period two.  Lost 3-11.  Next game is Monday, July 14 at 6:30. Here's hoping we play with some explosion on Bastille Day!

On another note, I have three women who are interested in starting a co-ed team: can players who might join a mixed team please contact me?


On July 2 we benefited from a forfeit and took the opportunity to scrimmage by playing our forwards against our defenders.  It was a great learning experience with productive advice by Miguel, Manny, and Mike R.  We tired ourselves out playing for 90 minutes.  Hopefully the practice will strengthen our team when we play the next game on Monday July 7 at 10:30 (Soccerdome).


On Monday, June 30 the Over 30's had a full bench (including Steve D,. after an epic drive back from the US Soccer Regional Cup Tournament in Indianapolis), but never looked like winning. We let the other team control mid-field and were inconsistent in defense. Manny scored despite his injured ankle and Leo kept his cool to score late in the game, but we deserved to lose.  The score was 2-7.

Next game is on Wednesday July 2 at 10:30.


For those of you who weren't at our last game (June 23), we lost 9-3, but played a good all around game with only 6 players. With no subs, our guys -- Leo, Arturo, Sam, Mike M, Mike R, and myself -- played really well. We took a quick lead, and were tied through the half, and were close up to the last six minutes of the game. But we got ground down in the second half as we tired and slowed down, and in the last few minutes they ran the score up.
Anyway, our next game is Monday, June 30 at 8:30pm. Hopefully this time will be easier to make, and we'll have more guys. See you then. 

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