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2011 International Competition Update:
Omega Goals: Andrea Davila - Audrey Adkison - Frances Farella - Chelsea Morton
Remaining Schedule:
Mon 25 practices: morning 7:00am - afternoon 4:00pm
Tue 26 Omega Select Black VS DR U17G National Team (Exhibition) 
Wed 27 practices: morning 7:00am - Visit the capital - 4:00pm practice
Thu 28 practice: morning 7:00am - afternoon Game VS DR U17G National Team (Copa Amistad)
Fr i 29 practices: morning 7:00am - afternoon 4:00pm (Watch DR U20G VS DR U17G) (Copa Amistad)
Sat 30 practice: 7:00am - afternoon 4:00pm Game VS DR U20G National Team (Copa Amistad)
Sun 31 Beach all day Boca Chica
Mon 1 Leaving DR


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