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Published Thursday, January 08, 2009


Here is a letter sent by Rachel Lamarre's father, Harry Lamarre.  Gaspard forwarded it to me because of the information it contains, but I thought we might post it as an example of the long-term results of the D'Alexis philosophy. When I asked Harry if he would allow us to post the letter he wrote, "there is absolutely no problem putting the letter on your site. Rachel and I are both very glad of Gaspard's contribution to Rachel's success."  

Allo Gaspard:

I am sending you some great news about Rachel this year.

She scored the first ever goal at the 2008 FIFA U17 World Cup.
She will be in the Canadian soccer Hall of Fame (She sent her goal scoring shoes). She is the finalist for the 2008 Canadian U17 player of the year.
She will be starting University at Penn State this January 2009.

Thank you for helping her, believing in her and everything else.

Happy Holidays and happy new year to you and your family.

Harry Lamarre

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