TX Cup 08 game 2 report: The Happening!

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Gaspard D'Alexis
Published Thursday, December 18, 2008


Match Report


12:30 PM

Home Team



Away Team




Richland #04





4 - 3 - 3



4 - 4 - 2




College Coaches in Attendance: 30+


OMEGA SC SELECT BLACK: (Gold - V. Munn - S. Grzeskowiak - L. Leidel - D. Guidi - A. Bruch - C. West - M. Meagher - C. Lee - S. Seiler - K. Evans); A. Werner - P. Miller - A. Davila - C. Szymkowski - S. Bachtle - L. Engelken


Goals: Evans 1G (Bruch 1A, Guidi 1A); Lee 1G (Evans 1A, Guidi 1A)

Half: Omega SC Select Black 2-0

Final: Omega SC Select Black 2-0


The Happening Game


Going to the game against Fort Worth FC 91 Girls, my wife and I got lost because we took the wrong exit on the Dallas freeway. It was inevitable. When my wife is the driver and I'm the co-pilot, we are going to get lost. Anyway, when we arrived at Richland Park 15 minutes late, one of our Parents rushed toward me and asked me for more game rosters. College coaches had swamped him with requests and he had already given out the 30 or so flyers I had given him. Looking at the Omega Select warm up, I could feel the intensity and the focus within each of the players. Approaching me, the center referee said: “it is the first time I saw that many college coaches at a game. . . I don't know if they are here for your guys or for the other team, but there are a lot of them here.” Looking at the side lines I could see many coaches sitting with notebooks and pens ready, watching attentively as both team warmed up. With this many coaches watching, it was an electric atmosphere around the field. The air was so highly charged; the game seemed like a happening.


This game was not much different than the Omega Select 1-0 win the day before. Even though Fort Worth FC 91 Girls White was ranked higher than the Omega Select Black team and was a much stronger team than the opponent on day one -- Polaris of Northern Texas -- the game was almost a carbon copy of the first game, except the first five minutes. Maybe because of the team pressure applied by Fort Worth, maybe because of the vigilant eyes of the college coaches from the side lines, the Select players struggled a little before they established their slick passing game. However, they scored after a nice combination between Guidi and Evans on the right side followed by an individual effort by Evans who beat two defenders close to the end line on the left side of Fort Worth's defense. Instead of pulling the ball back, Evans took a weak low shot toward the net that surprisingly went through the keeper hands.  This goal was the medicine the Select team needed. Indeed, from that moment on, the Select players took total control of the game.  With confidence, Select defenders passed the ball laterally between themselves to set up a flank player. Then a flank player would link with one of the central midfielders, who then would send the ball through to a forward. If Guidi was Guidinho, if Victoria was Victoriaca if Lee was Leita and if Omega Select was Selecao, Richland Park would have been Maracana!  Ole!! Ole!!  and the  tam tam melody would have followed each pass and each dribble as the Select girls made the ball dance. The danger from the Omega Select Black came from everywhere on the field because all players were contributing. The younger players Davila U15, Miller U15 and Lee U14 had their best game. It was Lee who came through with a one touch left foot shot well placed on the right side corner of the keeper of Fort Worth. This time, the goalie had no chance. The assist from Lee's goal came from a nice build up from a side to side pass between, central defenders, Grzeskowiak and Munn to set up Guidi wide open at her right defense position. Guidi then combined with Evans at right forward who burned two defenders then crossed the ball to Lee, the center forward. Lee put it away. The score could have been easily a 4 goals margin. But the Fort Worth keeper redeemed herself from the first goal blunder by making several good saves. The frontline: Seiler with her powerful runs, Lee with her quickness and Evans with her relentless dribbling was too much for the backline of Forth Worth. The Select midfielders -- Bruch, West, Meagher and the two youngsters Miller and Davila -- controlled the traffic and the flow of the game. At the end Omega Select had no trouble blanking Forth Worth 2-0.


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