Texas Cup 2008

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Gaspard D'Alexis
Published Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Texas Cup 2008 was a very successful experience; it was particularly challenging and rewarding because Mother Nature was uncooperative. Out of four guaranteed games, Omega Select Black could only play two and a half: rain and field conditions were the culprit. Nevertheless, with 2 wins, 1 draw, no goals scored against, and great displays of soccer on the pitch, the Select team did itself proud.


Match Report

Formation 4 - 3 - 3

Field:  Richland 07 very wet; thunder and rain

8h00 am Omega Select vs Polaris 91 (TXN) W 1-0

(Gold - V. Munn - S. Grzeskowiak - L. Leidel - D. Guidi - A. Bruch - C. West - M. Meagher - C. Lee - S. Seiler - K. Evans); A. Werner - P. Miller - A. Davila - C. Szymkowski - S. Bachtle - L. Engelken

Goals: Evans (1) Assists: Leidel (1) Meagher (1)

Half: Omega Select 1-0

The Beautiful Game!

Soccer is a beautiful game; the Select display against Polaris of Northern Texas exemplified the epithet. Omega Select took control of the game right from the start. By using an almost text-book approach of quick and simple passes between defenders from side to side then playing a precise ball to the feet of an open midfielder or winger, the team made the first five minutes look like a keep away practice game.

Most of the action was in Omega's half. Each player from Omega was making at least a touch of the ball and Polaris was chasing. However, when a team is playing in its own half, even if it is in total control of the ball, it only takes one little mistake and the team could find itself chasing the game. It almost happened to Omega. But, thanks to central defender Grzeskowiak's determination and quick steps, the Polaris forward who had a clear path to the net was shocked; Grzeskowiak tackled her clean from behind in the box to clear the ball off her feet. It was close and it worked as a wake up call for the Select players.

So, entered the short, short and long balls; also the short, short and switch or the short, short and acceleration balls. Now Omega was using ball possession to set up wingers and midfielders. Right forward Kirsten Evans had a field day on the right side against Polaris's left defender. She beat her countless time before serving some nice crosses to her teammates in the box. The Select outside backs (Leidel, Guidi and Werner) kept overlapping to create numerical advantage in the attack. It was not a surprise to see the only goal of the game come from a run deep into Polaris territory on the left side by Left back Leidel. After beating two players, Leidel crossed the ball in front of the net to see Evans in; one touch fired the ball past the Polaris keeper. Omega 1; Polaris 0.

After the first goal, the Select midfielders and the defensive line took charge and kept the Polaris attacking force at bay.

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