Omega Soccer Tryouts

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Omega Soccer Club

2013-2014 Girls and Boys Soccer Tryouts At Franklin Park
(Corner of Roe Ave. & Somerset, in Prairie Village, KS)

Please click on the link below to complete the online tryout registration form.

Tryout Registration Form

If Interested or have any questions, please contact Gaspard d'Alexis at


Tryouts Process

Tryouts are free of charge and open to anyone who wishes to participate in their age group. All current Omega players must participate in tryouts for the teams they wish to play for. We are expecting a "Yes" or "No" answer from parents and players when they have been offered a spot to join the club.

For all players: please click on the link at the bottom of this page to fill in the tryout registration form.

Omega Soccer Club is committed to the development of all players to their highest level.  To acheive this end, Coach Gaspard D'Alexis matches each individual with the team/s best suited to their level of play, commitment, and fitness.  But in Omega, it doesn't matter what team a player is placed on at the beginning of the season.  What matters is where your progression puts you at the end.  In Omega, each player has the opportunity to play on a team above the team in which he/she is rostered.  Either in a higher seeded team in the same age group or in an older age group during the season.  How quickly does this opportunity come?  It depends on:  1) The player's technical and tactical progression -- this is a certainty in our program.  2) The player's level of commitment to practices and her/his desire to excel.  

Whatever your skill and level of play, the Omega program has a team for you.

To see a description of the different levels of teams that Omega offers, click on the following links:

Omega Orange    Omega Black   Omega Select

What are we looking for?

At tryouts, players are tested and evaluated by the Omega Head Coach, Gaspard D'Alexis, and his Assistants through a series of exercises and small-sided games.  Each player is seen by Gaspard D'Alexis and the coach responsible for the player's age group.

Tryout criteria include:

  • Technical skills and tactics -- such as dribbling, passing, receiving and finishing
  • Quickness with and without the ball.  We are looking for how fast you go from point A to B on 5 yards, 7 yards and 12 yards.
  • Aggressiveness -- does the player go to the ball and win it or back off?  Does the player go to the ball or let the ball carrier pass by.  Does the player track down opponents?
  • Team Play -- Such as using teammates correctly and knowing how to switch the point of attack and play a "corner-flag" ball.
  • Knowledge of the Game:  Positioning on the field - Does the player support the play by going to open or crowded space?
  • Spirit and personality -- is the player a hard worker or will he/she cause disruption?

Contact:  Gaspard D'Alexis 

For More Information Contact:
Gaspard D'Alexis: 913-484-1595 or

Please click on the link below to fill in the tryout registration form.

Tryout Registration Form