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Omega Academy Spring


Join the Omega Select Youth Soccer Academy

Omega coaches and educators are well aware of the importance of providing a solid, learner-centered foundation for young players. Their future development and success depend on receiving correct and relevant information at an early age. Our Youth Academy Program emphasizes age-specific technical skills and age-specific levels of instruction .


What we do

1-     Individual Techniques: Learn the individual techniques that suit your talent.

2-     Ball and Body Control: Learn how to befriend the ball and taking control of your body motions

3-     Running Technique & Speed: Learn how to run the proper way by using arms and legs accordingly while running.

4-     Quickness & Explosion: Learning how to burst and when regardless your speed.

5-     Play the Right way: Developing your team concept and having fun while playing


What we offer

* Convenient Training Location: Franklin Park, Corner of Roe & Somerset


* Two sessions per week


* First-rate soccer training for youth soccer player boys and girls age 6 to 9


* Quality instruction, from licensed coaches, highly talented college and high school soccer players.


* Players will be broken into appropriate age and ability groups.


* Afford Affordable enrollment, only $90 for your first season and only  $45 each other season.


* All players will receive free of charge a uniform kit, a bag and a pair of socks.


* Participation is limited to 25 players only



  Spring Season Schedule: March - April - May 


Sessions start: Starts week of Monday, March 21st, 2011






Monday Skills Session


5:15pm to 6:45pm


Franklin Park: (Corner of Roe & Somerset) Prairie Village, KS




Wednesday Skills Session

5:15pm to 6:45pm


Franklin Park: (Corner of Roe & Somerset) Prairie Village, KS